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AV System Integration

We specialize in system integration for hospitality facilities, designing and building video and audio restaurant systems of all kinds and sizes.

We build systems for all types of business': from restaurants and bars, to production and broadcast companies, to corporate media owners and distributors, as well as universities and houses of worship.

our systems are reliable, intuitive , and custom for our clients applications.


Broadcast Systems

Our systems integration services for broadcast facilities include design of custom-made systems to suit intricate, individual workflows, as well as project management, fit-out, furniture fabrication, equipment sourcing, installation, and consulting, along with technical support and training.

We provide complete system integration for post-production facilities, play-out, automation, multi-channel broadcasting, virtual reality systems, uplink, file-based workflows, media archiving and more.

Our project procedures are unique. We provide various, In-house custom services, allowing us to control both quality of the product as well as meeting specific deadlines.

We custom-design and build furniture off-site to make on-site installation quicker and less disruptive. We also custom-build racks and monitor stacks to provide a seamless bespoke finish to suit your workspace.

We have built news studios, entertainment studios, green-screen studios, shopping channel studios, single-camera studios and multi-camera studios for  broadcasters and production companies around the world.

Our studio installation services are highly adaptable – we work on any size projects at any stage: from complete design and build, managing large teams, to supplying single custom elements such as equipment installation, custom racking, system design or consultation.

Whether it’s a single-camera, chroma-key facility, small post production suite, or a large-scale, multi-camera news studio, our broadcast integration experts can help get the job done.



While we love working on large studio projects, we also work on small-scale studio installations and facilities for education institutions, corporate production customers, charities, houses of worship and sports clubs.

Examples of these are studios for Media Studies departments, studios for corporate financial reporting and studios for producing religious videos.

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